Gregory Lynall

Dr. Gregory Lynall

Dr. Lynall is Senior Lecturer at the School of English at the University of Liverpool. His main field of research interest is the relationship between literature, science and technology, particularly in the eighteenth century.

His book Swift and Science (2012) explores how literature, and particularly satire, can be an active and unique participant in debates about inquiries into nature. As a post-doctoral research fellow, he worked on the Cambridge University Press edition of Swift’s A Tale of a Tub (2010) with Professor Marcus Walsh. He is currently writing a cultural history of solar energy and a political biography of the eighteenth-century physician, mathematician and satirist Dr John Arbuthnot. He is also developing research projects concerning the literature of eighteenth-century Liverpool.

Apart from this, Dr. Lynall is chair of The British Society for Literature and Science. Since its foundation in 2005, their aim is to promote and advance the study of all aspects of the relationships between literature and science, working on texts and cultures throughout history, from the ancient world to the present day, and on science in all its forms, including medicine and technology. He is also co-director of the Literature and Science Hub of the University of Liverpool, a centre for research, teaching and public debate about the relationships between those two traditionally opposed spheres of knowledge, the arts and the sciences, promoting interdisciplinary, critical thinking and creativity.